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Robert Carter
Best-selling Independent novelist
Best-selling Independent novelist

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The Hindenburg Disaster ...
Most people today remember the name
"Hindenburg" in connection with a huge bag of hot air that set itself
on fire and fell to earth - well, to Lakehurst, New Jersey at any rate. But before the hydrogen came the
soldier. Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendo...

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By the grace of God?  Quite ...

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The German War Machine ...
The German War Machine, gruesomely
illustrated by the famous Belgian cartoonist, Raemaekers, who having been driven
into exile in London by the German invasion of his country, decided on a spot
of moral outrage. Cartoonists are valuable people.
Some good ad...

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Not such a new concept?

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In this old photo we see three
Turkish soldiers posing for a studio photograph with their grisly trophies.    It's not known who the two heads on the table
might have once belonged to, but it's certain they won't be giving the Turks
any more trouble. Behead...

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Germans Driven by Turks This photograph shows German
officers being driven about in Turkey in a gigantic car. If you can identify the
make, I would be interested to know. It looks to me as if it might be German,
but that's a guess. Turkey controlled the Ott...

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Call to Empire
Australia, a land
quite familiar to me, since I was partly brought up there, was of course once
part of the British Empire. Those wishing to disparage Australia will often
call attention to the origin of certain cities Down Under which began life as
penal c...

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Recruiting in 1915
As the war grinds
on, the supply of volunteers runs out, and the British government realize that
some kind of conscription must be introduced. Initially, Lord Derby proposed a
scheme to register volunteers, in which it was promised that single men would
be ...
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