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Learn to read music with Racket Scheme
Further to my previous post about using MIT Scratch to help you practice music , I thought I'd give Racket a go to see how easy it would be to get something working. Scratch is brilliant for prototyping audio/visual ideas, but the limitations of a drag and ...

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Using autotests to explore and improve code
Eliza the Psychotherapist I want to write a version of the Eliza psychotherapist program to explore how intelligent computers can appear, or how much work it is to make them appear intelligent. I have in mind testing it out on the local kids computer club.....

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Racket on the Raspberry Pi
Racket is a nice programming language to experiment with -- OK there's a bit of adjustment to the lisp syntax, but once you get that you get access to a wealth of built-in libraries for graphics, animation, UIs and more. The Racket package in the official R...

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Programming Number Squares
I want to produce number squares (10 x 10 grids of numbers up to 100) and highlight different sequences of numbers to help in my maths teaching. I could do this in a spreadsheet, but why not program it so that I can quickly produce a range of number squares...

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Scratch style programming in Python? - A simple Pong game
I've been attempting to make Scratch style programming in Python possible -- in response to the question: "What shall I try after Scratch". Kids eventually outgrow Scratch, but the move up to Python can be big, so I'm aiming for something that's mid way bet...

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Building an MP3 player with the Raspberry Pi
Playing  MP3s on the Raspberry  Pi You can play MP3 music on your  Pi  using the  omxplayer  command, find an MP3 file, then try something like this: omxplayer example.mp3 But what about building a music player with real buttons to change tracks?  Controlli...

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