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♥ the #Google #Photos app. 
Introducing new ways to organize and share your photos

With Google Photos, you have a home for all your photos and videos, organized and brought to life, so you can share and save what matters. Today, we’re announcing three new features that help you better find and share the photos and videos that matter, with the people that matter.

Chromecast Support

Better share photos and videos in person, and on the biggest screen, your TV!

Beginning tomorrow, you can cast photos and videos to your TV with Chromecast. Choose what appears on the TV while you browse your library, and even cast photos you just took – photos and videos don’t need to be backed up first.

Chromecast support is rolling out this week on Android and coming soon to iOS.

People Labeling

Label the people in your photos by what you call them, name or nickname.

This week in the U.S. you’ll be able to label the people in your photos however you want - Mom can be “Mom”, “Juliana”, or “Cat Lady” – whatever you choose. These labels are completely private to you and are not associated with a Google account or profile. Once people in your photos are labeled, you can make advanced searches to find photos of people with things, places or people, such as “Mom at the beach” or “Juliana and Marco in Hawaii.”

People labeling is rolling out in the U.S. this week on Android and is coming soon to iOS and the web.

Shared Albums

Gather all your photos and videos from friends and family in one spot, and know as soon as new moments are added.

We’re introducing shared albums later this year – a new, easy way to pool photos and videos with whomever you want, and get updates when new moments are added. There’s no setup involved, and you can use shared albums on any device – Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Chrome OS.

Stay tuned for updates on when these features are available. For more on today's Google announcements, visit

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Armin van Buuren's entry at Sunburn Festival, Bangalore on 25th Jan 2014.

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Google Crisis Response Map for Uttarakhand 
In our continued efforts to help all the people affected by the floods in Uttarakhand, Google Crisis Response team back with a crisis map that we hope can help provide some quick information. Please keep in mind this is an early version and we will continue to work on it. 

Please help spread awareness about both the Person Finder ( and this Crisis Map. 

#uttarakhand   #uttarakhandflood   #uttarakhandcrisismap   #personfinderuttarakhand   #googlepersonfinder  

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Hello facing this issue with Notification Shade on my #Nexus4  Is anyone else facing similar issues? Has anybody been able to identify the problem & better resolve it?
What happens is the notification shade automatically keeps scrolling down from the top of the screen & keeps flipping between the quick settings & notification list.
It is getting worse. The notification shade comes down about 3cms from the top of the screen & hangs the entire system. Goes back up automatically after a few seconds. OR I have to tap the back button exactly twice to get back to the current app/text box/etc.
Wiped the phone earlier today afternoon but it didn't help. After that as soon as the phone booted up, the notification shade got stuck on the "select language" screen itself. Very frustrating.
#Google #Nexus4   #Nexus   #Android   #Jellybean  +Android Central has any other follower asked you regarding a same/similar issue?
+Vic Gundotra Sir, any idea?? :D +Google Developers +Google +Google India +Android 
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