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Was reading IGN's most anticipated games of 2013 and while I knew this was coming out this was the first video I have bothered to watch about it.  *Elder Scrolls Online* by Bethesda, those most excellent people who brought us Elder: The Arena Scrolls, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.

The biggest surprise?  One gigantic server (with smart instancing) so no more trying to organize gameplay with friends.   Looks like a standard MMO that took most of the great ideas out there and put them all into one game.  I hope it succeeds.  I certainly will be playing!

Anyone have an extra Verizon phone laying around? I kinda shattered my GNex screen tonight and need to find a replacement as soon as possible.

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#Cyanogenmod trending on Google?

Now that the +BigAndroidBBQ has ended, I think it's time I make my closing post. It was great meeting all the new people this year, and seeing from everybody last year as well. I can't wait until the next BBQ so I can see all my great friends again. 

A popular question may be, what was my favorite part of the Android BBQ? Definitely making the close friendships I have. Everybody I met was very down to earth. No one can compare the great people I met this weekend. Close behind follows the Asus Transformer Infinity that I won from the +RootzWiki guys. 

It was great meeting everybody and I hope to see you all next year:
+Kristopher Kearns +Trae Santiago +Ben Edwards +Rob Aymett +Steve Kondik +steven smith +Koushik Dutta +Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr +aaron wildt +Jeffrey Young +Aiman Farooq +Phlash Tha +Jon F Hancock +Patrick Bateman +Orb Tresmil +Randy Kelly +Jorrit Jongma +John Weyrauch +Ken Kyger 

Again, I hope to see every single one of you next year!

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+Jon F Hancock - App Engine, Android In-App Billiing currently being presented in Conference Room 3 & 4.

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Added photos to Big Android BBQ 2012.

Find me sometime this weekend at the +BigAndroidBBQ and recieve a free copy of my Boot Animation Installer App. #bigandroidbbq  

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Recently updated my boot animation app. Check it out! +davidjr621 

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Friends and followers, I need your help!

This week, I ran into some unexpected car repairs, to the tune of just about all of my rent money. With only a few days to go and work being so slow (I work for tips, for those who don't know), it's not looking like I'm going to make it in time.

To catch myself up, I'm selling my HTC Amaze 4G on Swappa. If you are interested, take a look at the listing. If not, help me out by sharing this post, so it can hopefully hit the eyes of someone who is.

I also have a myTouch 4G that I want to get rid of, but haven't listed it on Swappa just yet.

Thanks in advance to all who help my cause.
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