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Not all who wander are lost.
Not all who wander are lost.

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Access and Control Android devices remotely from Mac/Win/Web with #AirDroid3:

I am trying to automate the process of creating a new employee in Google Apps for Business. I need to create a folder for each user inside of a shared folder in Google Drive. Is this something I can do with Google Apps and if so, can someone point me in the right direction?

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My first theme

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Really useful explanations on this site. Well-written, concise, and really useful.

My partner signed up in December for Humana health care under the Affordable Care Act. Since he still hasn't received his benefit statement or his membership card, he called in to see if it was available on-line so he could find a doctor. 

Yesterday, he received a box in the mail from Humana. It contained a nice Hallmark card and a chocolate bar apologizing for the delay. Still no card, no benefits, no nothing. This is in addition to the dozen or so color flyers promoting Humana's bullshit "Living Well" campaign. 

Note: despite the fact that "Living Well" sounds a lot like "Bottomless Well" or at least implies that their customers are wells of income from which they can draw endlessly, is about preventative health--which, without a membership card or doctor, doesn't apply.

How many cards and candy bars have they sent out? At even $1 a piece, had that money been spent on healthcare instead of bullshit, his rates would be lower and maybe they could hire more employees to get caught up.

Affordable Health Care, though completely crippled by compromising to accommodate the selfish requirements of rich white republicans, was at least an attempt to bring the US up to date with regards to basic healthcare. Without continued government oversight, however, we will see more bullshit like this and less health care: it's going to fail.

#Humana, #healthcare, #AffordableHealthCareAct, #chocolate, #bullshit

Here are some problems with Google Image search:

When searching for a "hanging pendant lamp", you may start with the search terms "hanging lamp" where you would expect to narrow the results by subsequently searching for "hanging pendant lamp". 

That is to say that you would think that the entire subset of "hanging pendant lamps" would show up under the less specific search for "hanging lamps". This is not the case. 

Furthermore, why doesn't Google image search use it's own image similarity algorithm to eliminate duplicate elements? It would save a lot of time and hassle if it would at least attempt to find original images.

Obviously, if I am scrolling through page after page looking for a specific image, I may need to refine my search terms. And though I mentioned previously that it's not really refining your terms because you are likely to get an unrelated set of results, it would still be nice not to have to scroll all the way to the top of the page to enter new search terms. 

It's a simple line of CSS, maybe two lines of HTML to create a static positioned element that contained your search parameters. What could possibly be the advantage to doing it the way they have done it. I have to run GreaseMonkey just for the convenience of modifying my search terms? Google, come on!

And here is my last (for now) complaint about Google Image Search: why do you offer tools that you don't support sorting with. You can search for images of a certain size, but you can't sort by size to get the biggest or smallest image? That's pathetic. In fact, you can't ever sort your search results on Google.

I understand Google wants to get paid, but isn't that another entire avenue of marketing for you? Whenever someone sorts by image size, slap up some ad created by a company that enlarges images automatically. Sort by source URL and you can slap up an ad for Aardvark Graphics or some b.s. It's another way to charge for your contextual ads.

Also, with the fixed frame search feature, you could charge a premium for persistent small ads on either side of the search bar. Yet another reason to do it.

I just don't get Google's reasoning some times. And now, I am really beginning to question the quality of Google's results. More and more I find that Bing gets me the image I want, then I use Google's Image Recognition to find the size I need. Pathetic waste of time and energy on my part.

Shamefully ridiculous on Google's part.   #IMAGESEARCH

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