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David Morgan
I am what I am, and that's all that I am. What you see, that's just me, and that's all that I can be
I am what I am, and that's all that I am. What you see, that's just me, and that's all that I can be

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Happy Mother's Day, community! :-)))

I think everyone heard The Donald incorrectly. I think he said he wants to build a Mall along the southern border, and have the Mexicans ship product to it to sell to Americans....

One good thing about a March 31st birthday.

One day you say, Damn, I am a year older,

The next you can just say April Fools!

Sometimes I wonder why I help anyone...

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Sign our petition here! We CAN impose term limits without Congress' approval!
🎯🎯 🎯🎯
How Does Article 5 work?
Article 5 of the US Constitution provides us the “means” to amend the US Constitution to include an Amendment Limiting Terms in the US Congress without needing the approval of the US Congress.
This statement has confused a few people. They have looked up Article 5 and responded by saying there is nothing there about Term Limits.
Article 5 provides TWO options for amending the US Constitution.
One is for an Amendment to be presented by a Super-Majority in the US House of Representatives and a Super-Majority in the US Senate.
Second, for 2/3’s of the STATE Legislators (State governments) to present an Amendment.
Following the presentation in either option of an Amendment, the Amendment then has to be ratified (approved) by ¾’s of the States.
What this means to us is that we can start a grassroots effort to add an Amendment to the US Constitution limiting Terms in the US Congress and push the Amendment at the State level with petitions until 2/3’s of the States request that an Article 5 Convention be called.
When 34 States apply for the Convention for the SAME topic, the US Congress is REQUIRED by Article 5 to call for the Convention.
Once an Amendment has been presented at the Convention and agreed to by a majority of the states at the convention (over 25 states), then it is sent back to the states to be ratified.
If 38 States then ratify the Amendment, it becomes part of the US Constitution, without needing Congress's approval.

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