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What do you need to install before developing android?
1. Java SDK
2. Eclipse

Why Android SDK?
1. No Licensing
2. No Distribution
3. No Development Fees
4. No Release Approval

Why should I develop android application?
1. The target market: many people are using/developing android
2. Using the technology to improve our lives.
3. Simplifying life and making it more fun.

What should I do after the workshop?
I will share my knowledge to individuals or groups, so that they can share it to other people who are interested in creating application in android. So that rather than pirating or just using application. Developers will be inspired in creating application by making the lives of the next generation better.

Thank you!
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"The first and truly comprehensive platform for mobile devices, all of the software to run a mobile phone but without the proprietary obstacles that have hindered mobile innovation."
andy rubin, google
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