The Google+ Photographer's List

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I'd like to thank +David Snuckel for creating this Google Doc spreadsheet as a clever evolution to this process.
List Background: Well the old list turned into a problem... I started it and it hit 1500 ppl spread over 3 threads, so then I asked for suggestions on who wanted to take this albatross over. I got tons of great responses, and, during that, +David Snuckel started that thing above.

Why the List? It provides a good list of people to check out to consider following... no one expects you to follow everyone or put them all in a circle, but it's a great resource to explore, and perhaps you'll find someone you kinda dig!

The original 1500 are below! :)

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Thank you everyone for guys rock! :)
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