The Sun Sets on Facebook Photo-sharing
I ran an experiment just 12 hours ago. It wasn't terribly scientific, but I'll get to that bit... The experiment was at

Results as of last edit
Google+: 1317+1s, 83 shares, 375 comments.
Facebook: 96 likes, ? shares, 40 comments.
(results clear even when you consider the variable that I have almost 3x as many followers on Google+)

So, the experiment was sloppy, but the sloppiness may have canceled out on both sides:
- skewed Google+ -It was clearly a contest, so Google+ people were gung-ho
- skewed Facebook - Many of the comments on Facebook came from Google+ traffic !

I think most photographers generally like Google+ better, but it will be interesting to see if everyone likes it enough to bring their family photo-sharing over here. I certainly will... I'll bring all the kids photos over here and share them with my family circle.

Facebook will be around for a while. I think we all agree on that. It's got that "family" momentum behind it -- the "mom" factor that keeps it going. In my off-the-wall opinion, it is moms that really rule the world. Because if moms are not happy, everyone gets a little uncomfortable...

And moms, by their nature, love to keep tabs on what everyone is doing, who is dating who, what the kids and their friends are doing, and this sort of thing. Facebook has cornered the market on that. Moms tie together that Dunbar 150, that pleistocene part of our brains that we just can't escape...

Plus, as +Thomas Hawk and so many others have noticed, the Facebook thumbnail is so sadly small. And, no one really wants to click on it because it doesn't get much bigger after that! It doesn't even compare to Google Photos and the lightbox.

So, it is apples and oranges... and the experiment was not super-scientific, but it is about the best I could do within reasonable constraints.
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