1000 Free HD Wallpapers For you on Google+  Merry Christmas! (or happy solstice gaia-bbq or whateva)

Well, it looks like the album below caps out at 1000 photos, so now is a good time to share the whole thing!  All of my works are Creative Commons noncommercial.  This means you can use them for personal stuff, like desktop wallpapers or phone backgrounds on your personal blog or things of this nature.  All I ask is that you link back to http://www.StuckInCustoms.com and give credit if you use it publicly.  Otherwise, enjoy!

Unfortunately, all the images in Google+ max out at 2500 pixels across.  Every day, however, I upload 7000+ pixel images.  If you want these Mega-Big-Sizes, best to go to my full-on portfolio at http://goo.gl/LHGjo .

Thanks, and stay awesome, Internet.
Portfolio 1 - The Counter-Earth, the one some of us see...
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