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This update is a bit weird - in that it's a page I've stuck in before the last bit of the last story. Basically, it's a new page 23 when you've already had page 27. Or 'Page 28' as I will be calling page 27 from now on. God, I have to change all the bloody page numbers now, don't I?
Anyway, it was fun to colour.
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My plan when I finish the two extra pages I'll be sticking into my book is to call them 12.5 and 14.5 and change it to normal in print. Also, just so you know, the coloring on this page is FANTASTIC. The water and trees in those first two panels? Gorgeous!
Thank you! I was pretty pleased with how it all turned out. My only worry is that it might unbalance things a bit - like when you're reading through the comic, to suddenly have a single page with extra fancy colouring like this. But then I guess some of the other pages with water in do have fairly fancy colouring as well.
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