So #android 4.4 #KitKat removed API support that's required for Flash plugins to work Corporations are still in full control of what you can do on the major platforms.

Cue replies moaning about flash being crap I've had those conversations many times before but isn't the OPTION of flash better than forcing you to use locked in apps with higher cost+elevated privileges on your devices? Especially in an era when people care more about security (not that flag has no holes, but they're more known holes)

I've supported Flash for same reason I support open source: Gives choice, increases platform competition, and it's why in general I still prefer web interfaces for most things. I put my money where my mouth is - I don't have an Android phone, an iPhone, or even a Windows or BlackBerry phone. Not because it's necessarily better. I for one an sad to see it go (maybe I should've bought a Surface/Playbook...)

(This post is mildly redrafted from a multi part post on twitter)´╗┐
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