Watches the tumbleweed floating by my G+ account I'm posting this to consolidate a multi-part tweet I just made (maybe it should have been a blog):

Right I'm just going to say it because it needs to be said. Internet outrage has lost all common sense. Has anyone thought it through? 
Stan Collymore supporters (See  if you're not aware of the story) say twitter isn't doing a good enough job of handing over personal data seem to be at odds with Snowden lovers who say NSA and other such authorities mustn't track our data. Are both reasonable?

Do we REALLY think individual companies recording all personal info is way to go? Maybe Facebook/Google/twitter should be the one true reliable authentication source for the internet and have all our details - is that better than the NSA doing it? In the past maybe we could have got the News Of The World journalists to track down these abusive people, but "people power" (allegedly) put a stop to that. There were also objections when Google+ tried to force "real names" but now we want to identify culprits ... I'm not saying that there aren't valid views on both sides, but common sense needs to be considered over emotional reactions to any one case.

In summary - internet - please get a grip.
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