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ParcelForce: I'm trying to help you fix your site ...
[Short link to this article if you need it - - or retweet me ] [NOTE: Executive summary is in the  "Problem determination" and "Key Summary Points" at the end] I recently had an exchange with ParcelForce (A dividion of the UK Royal Mail...

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ParcelForce: I'm trying to help you fix your site ...
[Short link to this article if you need it - - or retweet me] [NOTE: Executive summary is in the  "Problem determination" and "Key Summary Points" at the end] I recently had an exchange with ParcelForce (A dividion of the UK Royal Mail Group) ...

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I do think it's a bit of a shame that the local +Lidl  felt the need to introduce this a couple of months back, but I can understand it since they've been having issues with their car park being used by "non-customers" who were stealing their free parking. I know I'd occasionally passed it by because the car park was full. Don't think I've been anywhere else with the same system though - rather than giving your details to the cashier, your receipt has a barcode on it, and a machine on the way out of the store with a laser scanner reads it then asks for your registration number. It works pretty well and saves time for the staff.

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I've just noticed that I never shared this on here. My thoughts from a couple of weeks ago on the #EUref   #brexit  thing. I stand by what I wrote. there.

On a related note I ordered a new mobile phone on Wednesday to replace a lost one. I checked today and the price is up by 10%. While it could be coincidence I think it's probably the shape of things to come in the next few months with £ suffering horrible today in the markets. The poor are likely to be hit the hardest with the increased cost of goods from outside the UK.,maybe to a greater extent than the austerity measures of recent years :-(

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So, it's #Eurovision #ESC2016 night. And on stage we'll have:

Nicole Scherzinger for Armenia (ARM)
Fleur East for Belgium (BEL)
Bjork for Croatia (CRO)
The Killers for Cryprus (CYP)
Adam Lambert for Isral (ISR)
Robyn for Bulgaria (BUL)
Oh and Georgia (GEO) have pinched bits from the KNACK's "My Shirona"

For what it's worth my personal favorites, starting with the best are Georgia, Spain, Australi, Cyprus, Armenia, but my favorites usually fail miserably ... Russia's perforamnce is amazing, and I quite like the French song (which, unexepectedly, is half in English)

I say this every year, so I'll say it again: I still think we need to put in something like Alexandra Burke's "Broken Heels" ... and the lighting/staging of recent years in the competiion could be great for it

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Ref the current injuction relating to a celebrity couple's threesome injunction applying to England & Wales media, Ian HIslop made the fair point on Have I Got News For You that "We'll get the story eventually and people will go

   "Oh, is it them? Oh I thought they might be doing that"

Which is a fair point, but I was initially unclear on why they were bothering to continue fighting it, but if you consider that it's probably not about hiding the story so much as keeping the journalists off their backs then it makes more sense ... If the injunction applies until everyone interested is past caring then it probably does still have a purpose.

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I bought a couple of these little "hockey pucks" a couple of months back when Currys had them discounted to £14 (normally £30) for one week. They're plugged into my existing HiFi amplifiers in two rooms in my house using £2 TOSlink optical cables instead of the supplied dayglow yellow analogue ones. Absolute bargain for synchronised music streaming around the house (this article was written before they enabled that feature hence the "against" bullet point in the article) and an order of magnitude less than something like a +Sonos  system - if you already have a suitable speaker setup. #Chromecast #ChromecastAudio

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Subway - why don't you care when your staff rip us off?
The most important thing about what I write in this blog isn't so much the fact that companies get it wrong in the first place. It's how they deal with things when they go wrong. An example I saw recently was this from KFC, where a member of staff had been ...

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I don't like writing about politics because the topics are always polarised but this is bugging me - and I'm writing this without any political bias. David Cameron made money from the investment fund held offshore but paid tax in accordance with UK law (under the CGT limit). He didn't directly benefit from the fact it was offshore and even the opposition are struggling to claim that anything he's done has been inappropriate. If anything else comes out, then we can deal with that separately, but so far it all seems legitimate. The interview he did with Robert Peston where the details on the fund came out is in the youtube link at the end of this post.
Personally I've bought DVDs etc. from the US/Canada/China under the LVCR £15 limit which "avoids" VAT. I've held ISAs which let me “avoid” tax and I'm using an interest-bearing current account that lets me "avoid" tax because of the new Personal Savings Allowance that came into operation on Wednesday. Sure it's on a smaller scale than what Cameron’s done but I can’t see that one is significantly more dodgy than the other (apart from the occasional seller who declares a lower value on the CN22 customs form to get under the LVCR limit) Clearly a lynch mob needs to come after me too.
Any sensible person who has money to invest will try to use it most efficiently. The concerns should only be when the person is actively avoiding paying tax in their home country. While it's possible that Cameron's father had investments that did that, it seems unbelievably cruel to criticize anyone on the basis of their deceased parent's investments. Has our society become so compassionless as to do this? Let’s not bring ourselves down to that level. There are plenty of things to legitimately criticize the government on, so make it worthwhile and not just succumb to #outrageCulture and call for resignations on the basis of, looking at it objectively, entirely reasonable behaviour. Attack the laws if you want to, as attacking those taking advantage of them won't get you very far - and you might miss what’s really going on. And I’m not personally conviced that those saying “It was too late” regarding the admission of the Blairmore fund would have changed the overall reaction if it had come out three days earlier.
The one piece of real news is the publication of the PM's tax returns which will hopefully set a historic precedent. I just hope that, as one journalist suggested, it won't put talented individuals off a career in politics (that was in the Daily Mail though, so I won't link to it on principle)

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