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The only thing that could have made this inspiration piece of gold better, is if I had 'Eye of the Tiger' belting in the background while I read it. Man, that Ash at #TMFProject does it again... swoon

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Ever asked, "When should I post on social media a lot?" The correct answer for your audience may vary - it really depends when they're in a goof off mindset AND can sneak away online for their social media fix.

But here's some research statistics to take into account when trying to find your #SocialMediaSweetSpot from Buffer.

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Wow. These are called cinemagraphs, and they're AMAZING. (A little creepy sometimes, but amazing none the less.) Check out Facebook's and Instagram's new ad format. I'm usually not a fan of video, but these really are mesmerizing...

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If you're new to business, I wrote this especially for you -- and I promise, I don't sugarcoat nothing, honey. But even seasoned business pros will enjoy this one. Please read and share. #ThreeHardTruths

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Uplifting story + simple yet inspired idea: CHECK.

If you haven't seen this yet (it's making the rounds) it's worth a read. Each month, choose a beautiful password that inspires YOU to unlock your goals, like 'EnjoyThe@Fre$hAir'.

When you've gotta type it in multiple times a day (y'know to unlock that password safe, because you ARE using a password safe, right?) you're also reaffirming your goal and getting a constant reminder.

There's still a few passwords ya gotta type in manually (to unlock your computer or open your password safe) and I love this idea for those. #LoveYourPassword  

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Frustrated that your Facebook for Business Page is not reaching as many people as it did before? Then it's time to channel Gandhi. My latest blog post will have you look at social marketing in a whole new enlightened light. #GandhiSocialStrategy

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Hey business owners! Let's show some INBOX RESPECT to others and email others the way you want to be emailed. Yup, I got added to another email list that I totally DIDN'T sign up for. And I've had it. 

Here's 6 unsubscribe responses (some are a bit, um - cheeky!) you can use, and then let's talk about this tactic. Is it really serving your biz, or giving your prospects a bad taste? #SacredInbox  

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I'm reading "Now, Discover Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham (below, if you're interested). Here's some food for thought after reading Chapter 1:

* Someone who can't wait to act -- we label them impatient or impulsive.
* Someone who is brilliant at imposing order and structure -- they're anal.
* Someone who claims excellence -- egotists.
* Someone who anticipates and always asks, "What if?" -- worriers.

Well, I love that I can now say, "I'm brilliant at imposing order and structure" with pride, instead of muttering, "I'm anal."

But he's right, as a society we focus on the negative (weaknesses) more than the positive (strengths), and our DICTIONARY proves it. Reflect on this for a moment, and then seriously - go buy this book. I've gotten so much from it and I'm only 36 pages in.

Well...that was disappointing. I thought it was simply a quiet day. There's been no calls or texts all morning. Sweet silence.

...And then, I realized I had turned on airplane mode last night to conserve battery. Wah wah

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Here's my latest Rock Your Tech Guide for StartUp!. Check it out, and let me know what ya think. I'm always here for you as your friendly online (and local) technology coach. 
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