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My rant for the week. Avoid Yahoo Mail Like the Plague! Here's why...

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The Wiggly Worbs of Whackerville #2

The moon set. The sun rose. Nobody cared. The cats were still in the garden.

And adventuress aardvarks roamed the land.

The clock radio was blinking again. Throwing it across the room solved the problem.

The dealer turned up the ace of spades. The dog died.

I looked out the window and noticed a Triffid walking by. I closed the drapes.

Pesky weeds. Sprayed them. So then it rained.

The leaves were once again clogging the rain gutters. But what was that sparkly thing? Fished it out. It glowed; it melted; it was gone. Oh, well. We’ll never know.
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The hours. They just click by.
The days. They just click by.
The weeks. They just click by.
The months. They just click by.
The years.
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The Wiggly Worbs of Whackerville #1

The Thanksgiving day clandestine turkey meetings continue..., “This mass genocide must stop!” the turkeys cried!

The platypi were unsympathetic. After all, nobody was coming after them.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle officer continued to hide behind the billboard in the desert. A peace-loving, hippie van drove by. It did not end well for the peace-loving, hippie van.

Black Friday fights and brawls soon to be here, there, and everywhere. Not exactly a testimony to our species.

December is a week away. No doubt the usual 31 days of holiday chaos will ensue. Wonder what the end of year 2017 will bring.
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Well, while the rest of the country is in chaos mode (day before Thanksgiving), I am home for the day. Got some rather unpleasant dealings that must be done and today looks like the day to do so; will hopefully have that part of the day wrapped up by noon.

Meanwhile, am becoming frustrated with Google. Am tired of trying to contribute worthwhile information to society and having Google refuse to tell anyone about it for the first year of publication. Writing has been a major part of my life for the last several years, but I think those days are done. Time to find a new passion.
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"I’ll pay for these the next time I come in…"

I went to the drugstore. Decided to buy more items than I originally intended.

I had 2 cans of sea-salted, roasted almonds in my hands. I looked for the little, red shopping baskets to put them in.

The shopping baskets were past the cashier, right next to the front door.

There were three employees and a woman customer present.

As I walked past the cashier towards the front door, I said, “I’ll pay for these the next time I come in.”

Dead silence.

I reached the front door; picked up a basket; and returned.

Everyone started talking at once. One said, “...heart attack…” Another told me about how people actually do that for real.

An interesting, unplanned experience. However, I don’t think I’ll do it again.

Do not try this stunt at your store unless you have been a customer there for several years. Even then, probably not a good idea. Don’t know what came over me. Those who know me and my demented sense of humor wouldn’t be surprised though.

Meanwhile, The Days Before Thanksgiving...

Take it easy… Remember, you are preparing for and celebrating Thanksgiving because you want to; not because you have to.

So take it easy when you are driving. Hurrying usually doesn’t work anyway.

The grocery store crowds and lines? Take it easy. So what if you are in there 5 minutes longer.

Home, kitchen, and cooking preparations? Take your time; even enjoy it. This is supposed to be pleasure time; not get all worried time.

Got more to do than time allows? Well, who really cares if the mantle is dusted and so forth? Prioritize.

Have a good time is all. That’s the whole idea.

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