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Social media #Twitter and #Facebook ...

Awhile back I posted elsewhere about Twitter ignoring my hashtags. Facebook is now doing the same thing (and the Facebook post didn't even have a link in it).

Actually, what I think is happening in both cases is that neither of them post hashtag entries chronologically anymore. So the hashtags weren't ignored, they were just immediately buried on page 100 or so.

Bottom line? Both are now totally useless as far as getting the word out about anything. Oh, well. Neither of them were ever of much use to me to begin with.

Never Argue with Reality

"...Wanted to share a news article, but the ads on the website were so obnoxious that that's not going to happen..." made me go and check my own AdSense settings. Appalled to find animated was enabled. Needless to say, I disabled immediately; I had no idea. Disabled video ads long time ago, should have done same with animated; I just did not know.

Wanted to share a news article, but the ads on the website were so obnoxious that that is not going to happen. Meanwhile, the world continues to freak over the NK parade; I put the odds at 95% those canisters were empty, but that's about the only good news. Sooner or later, there's going to be another nuke test; then what's #Trump going to do? He has to either start a war or let the world find out he is the biggest bluffer/liar/coward in history. Hobson's choice indeed. What a mess.

Well, so far looks like #NorthKorea hasn't used any of our ships/fleets for nuclear missile target practice. No nuke tests either.

Trump may very well have pulled off a successful Nixon Mad Man.

In fact, the way things seem to be going, the US and China could end up becoming best buddies because of all this. Now if the US and Russia just agreed to mutually clear out of the Middle East, this might actually become a sane planet around here.

Social media supposedly represents the pulse of what's on America's mind. Today's North Korea situation isn't even on the radar. Odd.

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Been reading more news... I'm wondering if we're going to make it through the weekend, One of our many ships we are sending there certainly would make a lovely target for a within-range nuke blast, at which point it would indeed be war. #NorthKorea

#HubPages Staff count has dropped from 25 to 23. However, until such time as WWNN shows an uptick, I've no inclination to exterminate/transfer anymore hubs from HP to there; besides, I'm in no mood whatsoever as far as doing the necessary upgrading involved in that. Still involved in the business-of-living, survival stuff anyway.

However, when May rolls around, my so-called writing "career" is going to come back with a vengeance. As to what form that will take, that will be entirely dependent on the implications of whatever the current HP Staff count happens to be and on what Google Analytics has to say.

Sure is quiet around here. Maybe we need something to talk about other than the current state of online writing. World/US news certainly is depressing, but at least it can provide a distraction.

Why doesn't #Russia and the #US just get out of the Middle East and leave them to themselves?
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