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The only person allowed inside has to pass through a series of security checks. First is voiceprint identification. Then, he has to put in a 6 digit code. That only gets him into the outer room. Next, he is positively identified by retinal scan. Finally, the security measures are only deactivated after insertion of a double electronic keycard. Once inside the vault, there are 3 security systems in operation whenever the technician is out of the room. First is sound sensitive; anything above a whisper will set it off. The second is temperature-sensitive. Even the body heat of an unauthorized person inside the vault can trigger the alarm if the temperature rises just a single degree. And that temperature is controlled by an air conditioning vent 30 feet above the vault floor. That vent is guarded by a laser net. The third one is on the floor, and it's pressure sensitive. Just the slightest increase in weight will set it off. And any of these systems, if set off, will trigger an automatic lockdown.

Good luck, agents! #Ingress #Missions
Google’s alternate reality, multiplayer mobile game Ingress has found a pretty large audience in the last year — more than seven million people have installed it on their Android or iOS phones, up...
Flower Petals
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6)I know a great knock-knock joke. Ok, tell me. All right. You start. Ok, knock, knock! Who's there? 7)Knock, knock! Who's there? Me! Me who? That's right! What's right? Meehoo! That's what I want to ...
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