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Christina Lea (Robin)
Writer, RPGamer, Mad Scientist, Liar. Also known as Robin Lea.
Writer, RPGamer, Mad Scientist, Liar. Also known as Robin Lea.

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Lately, for a variety of reasons, it seems like I've ended up doing a lot more of my public posting on Facebook and Twitter, so here's a couple of links in case you're interested:

Gangster: Pay up or you'll be sleepin with da fishes!
Obed Marsh: WHO TOLD YE THAT? I don't-! Oh. Course tis just a saying. I knew that.

Happy birthday, Tom Baker. We just swore in a brand new Doctor Who villain for you to humiliate any time you feel like popping by.

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I don't actually talk a lot about writing, so here's a little of that. Then there's a bunch of gaming stuff from Elvismas 2017 (illustrated by Saharrah Market).

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Some of the players and their doodles from this weekend's Dreamlands D&D game at +Weird Realms:
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Whenever I deal with people on Pacific Time, I can't help but feel that the lag is due to some moral failing on their part, not all this curvature-of-the-Earth mumbo jumbo.

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D&D game in Cleveland tomorrow

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Fight Nazis and Support the Southern Poverty Law Center with this bundle of RPG products!

Organized by Mike Lafferty of Fainting Goat Games, the Southern Poverty Law Center Charity Bundle contains over $250 worth of gaming PDF products, for a mere tenth of the cost, with all proceeds going to support the work of the Southern Poverty Law…
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