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Jeanne Veillette Bowerman hung out with 15 people.Gary Ploski, Curt Hendley, Len Anderson IV, Seth Ruffer, David S Hogan, Moses Olson, M.J. Moneymaker, Robert Dillon, Cassandra Nicholson, Dan Dollar, Jimmy Zhang, Douglas Blackmon, Troy Daniel, Karim Phillips, and Tai Heartnet

Need actors for a G+ table read of the first 6 pages of SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME on Sunday 9pm EST

Found out yesterday Slavery by Another Name is a finalist in Expo Screenwriting Competition. They notify winners tonight... not a lot of time for enjoying that "hopeful" feeling, but I've had a great 24 hrs regardless.

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This is great! For all old timers, like me :)

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Not that we all need more social media sites, but I came across an interesting one for filmmakers/screenwriters last week called Stage 32. I've noticed more and more of my network signing up. If you do, find me

I hope I don't end up sucking at this as much as I suck at Tumblr.

I hate dissecting scripts. I know it's a necessary evil, but I feel like I'm getting a root canal with no novocaine.

gone Elvis is in the can! Man, I learned a ton the past 4 days... like there isn't enough tequila in the world after an 18-hr day on set!

man, this is going to be addictive... pours tequila and watches stream
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