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Surgutsky District

https://uz9WpqnmBn12, je pense 🙈😵👽4 c'est un peu plus de détails. je ne sais pas si tu veux, je pense que c'est un 😂😂🕶🕶🕶🕶peu plus de détails. je ne sais pas si je 😃tu veux👽💖. 💖

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Video I shot of my brother playing years ago...

How is it thatMicrosoft took a step back in technological advancements with the XBOX One?! I mean, this is 2016 almost, and no Bluetooth coonectivity? Bigger casing when computers nowadays fit in watches? A bad app store, discouraging app developers? Needs a CD to spin to play a game completely installed on the hardrive? My 360 had Bluetooth, was much smaller, and had a simpler OS menu Just look at the strides Google and other companies are making...why is Microsoft such a terrible company, yet keeps growing...

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Things change quickly, and your Norris trophy assessment just 1 week later seems wacko. Here's how it is likely to go down now that Letang is injured and other candidates elevated their late season performances:

Josi will be a Norris trophy candidate alongside Karlsson and who knows who else. Just based on the stats its easy to pick these two out of the pack of defensemen. Both have alot of points, good plus-minus, and eat up a tonne of ice time (top players in this category). Other differentiating factors to consider include:

Josi has a better plus-minus (+15 vs +7). 
Josi is a top shot blocker in the league, far ahead of Karlsson. 
Josi plays with one of the best veteran defensemen in the league,Shea Weber. So he gets help here with point and plus-minus. 
Josi plays on one of the strongest teams this season.

Karlsson has more points (62 vs. 55). 
Karlsson doesn't play alongside another offensively gifted defenseman. 
Karlsson is more involved around the puck, one of the most in the league. Look at his takeaway and turnover numbers. 
Karlsson plays on one of the weakest teams this season, but his play has helped elevate his team to contend for a playoff spot.

To me, at this point it is pretty much a draw. Josi is slightly stronger on the defensive side this season, but then Karlsson makes up for it in the offensive zone keeping the play away from his net. But when you consider the players' environment, what Karlsson is achieving is slightly more impressive.

It will be a tight race to the end of the season. The slightest factor will tell the difference.

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At least Mozilla is doing something about it! Besides, Firefox is now better than Chrome anyways!

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