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Probably writing code.
Probably writing code.

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Danny MacAskill is what happens if you give your kid a bike and don't teach him how to work it properly.

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This is the most amzing use of live wallpaper I've seen conceived.
Is there Life on Mars? Well, I don't know. But I have this new Live Wallpaper for you :-)

Free Download:

XL Version:

I know, it's been a while, but good things take time ;-)
Hope to hear your comments, suggestions, new live wallpaper ideas!

Enjoy, I hope you like it :-)

If you want to support me, please feel free to share :-)
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Damaged lipo.  I think it'd be OK.

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Keep telling people batteries are scary.  Keep using them, though.

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I don't know what most people do with their retirement, but my parents are fighting an oil pipeline.

Yesterday they sued the State of Iowa to stop the illegal seizure of land for the Bakken Oil Pipeline.

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I had a dance recital and ended up driving all most of the day yesterday, but I managed to squeeze in some weekend projects.

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Worked on some LED control junk again.  Version 1 on the breadboard and then miniaturized into a wire.

This isn't my design, but it was a decent amount of fun anyway.  It'll operate up to 50 WS2812 addressable LEDs using a fairly simple serial protocol as input.  I drove a test LED (just one, because I was kind of dumb) from my bus pirate.

The original code, idea, etc... is here:

I changed the protocol a bit because I wanted to be able to directly address LEDs at will instead having to communicate the entire state of the world on every write.  (one line change)
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I spent a forever soldering and wiring up an ICSP harness for a dev Opensky RX so I could work on the failsafe code.  I figured it was worth writing a bit about that and putting up some pictures and stuff.
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