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Here's the most recent design for the cover of A New Map of Wonders , which will be published in the autumn by Granta in the UK and Chicago University Press in the US. The new Granta catalogue containing a description of the book is online here

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It has been a while since I have posted on the blog.  This is mainly because I have been busy. The manuscript of A New Map of Wonders is just about done, and the book will be published in 2017. Here are two among many passing wonders from the last few weeks...

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Not a human move
[AlphaGo] doesn’t perceive the world or move within it, and the totality of its behaviour is manifest through the moves it makes on the Go board. Nevertheless, the intentional stance is sometimes useful to describe its behaviour. ...Commentating on the matc...

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"Dance all night on the shore of another world"
One legend of the Yurok people says that, far out in the Pacific Ocean but not farther than a canoe can paddle, the rim of the sky makes waves by beating on the surface of the water. On every twelfth upswing, the sky moves a little more slowly, so that a sk...

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First sight
When people received the digital images from the Hubble telescope , those first few eyes who are getting it on their screens  —   I guess it has to be something very similar to that. When I look inside our own anatomy at the time where nobody knows if we ev...

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Where we got our music
Good to be reminded* of this: After about half an hour, the wind began to funnel down from the high southern pass, gaining force with each passing moment. A Venturi effect caused the gusts passing upstream through the narrow gorge to compress into a vigoro...

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So much human sacrifice and environmental devastation have gone to create a false heaven.  —  from a review of Behemoth by Zhao Liang Once we sang in the sunshine and blithe, sweet air. But now I grieve upon the shattered Earth —  a trailer for the film  Im...

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The line between night and day
The Station goes around the world in an hour and a half, which means it flies through fifty minutes of day, followed by fifty minutes of night, endlessly repeating. This means that during a seven-hour spacewalk, you may see four sunrises and sunsets. I reme...

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A roar on the other side of silence
You only have to imagine being in a desert to realise the variety of sounds a microphone on the surface of Mars could record – and how they can be interpreted. First of all, the wind, whistling across the planetary landscape – how fast is it travelling? How...

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"I must dream of a future that is different from the past"
I must dream of a future that is different from the past. A future that has in it everything my people need. My ancestors and my fathers have dreamed of this future, and I have tried in my life, in my times, to bring it to reality. But I will not see it all...
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