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Moving Blog to Wordpress
I have decided to move my blog to WordPress. I have been thinking about this for sometime. Blogger has been a great forum for me to express my opinions, but it is time for me to switch over. Please follow me at Thank you, Brian

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Wind Energy in, Fracked Oil Out, Oil Companies Make Bank
Corruption in government exploits Texas natural resources Pecos, TX - Getty Images I moved to Texas in July 2016. I had never previously
lived in the “South.” Dallas may differ from rural parts of the state, yet its
policies and attitudes towards energy are...

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America's Colonial Legacy and NoDAPL
The land that we call the United States is about 750
million years old. The nation-state, which we call the United States, was
founded much later. Its beginning brought together nations, race, and resources
on shared land in bloody conflict. Needless to say...

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The Trump Wave
New Orleans had decades of warning from meteorologists and
geologists that their levees were low and disaster was nigh before Hurricane Katrina
obliterated the city. Louisianans and the world stood shocked and surprised, yet
experts indicated that the disas...

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Poem: Lost Books
Books By:
Brian D. King There
was a young man who had a collection Books
of all kinds cataloged  by each section His
library started with shelves in his room It
grew ever faster like weeds in full bloom His
mother was tender, supporting her son “I’ll

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They Lied to Pollsters
Two months have passed since the 2016 United States General
Election. I do not think that a majority of Americans have yet come to terms with its outcome. How is it that a candidate who trailed by as much as 9% in the polls
was able to overcome insurmountab...

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A Lesson from Lear: Flattery and Subtle Patriotism
Lear was an elderly King who divided his kingdom among
his three daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. He declared that he would
offer the largest share to the daughter who loved him the most. Using flattery,
the two eldest daughters, Goneril and Regan h...

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Is Obamacare Here to Stay?
Paul Ryan signs a bill that he knows will be vetoed (Jan. 2016) A Republican-led Congress has attempted to repeal The
Affordable Care Act sixty times since the law
was signed in 2010. When the law was passed not one Republican in either the
House or the Sen...

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Love and Hate - The Morning After
It is 9:30 AM November 9, 2016, the morning after the 2016
General Election. My head is spinning, and my pulse is raging. I feel a dark
pang that I have not felt in decades. I didn’t feel like this after Bush won
the first or second time. This is something ...

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My Values and Endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President
I would like to explain how I view the Constitution. I remember
talking to a friend who subscribes to Constitutionalist and Tea Party ideology,
and the topic of our conversation was the Constitution. I told him that I
didn’t care for Constitutionalism becau...
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