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For the love of SEO
Making Search Engine Optimization easy to understand and implement.
Making Search Engine Optimization easy to understand and implement.

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Latest 3 #SEO  blog posts, with focus on #ContentMarketing  and #TechnicalSEO for beginners.
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New #ContentMarketing blog post: "Building trust and traffic: How to create useful core content that your customers will love"

‎"Take a good look at your blog, especially if it’s a business blog. 

What are you writing about the most? News about your company’s products and services, or generously helping and guiding people? 

Your content is now more important than ever – and creating awesome core content will help you with both SEO and sales."

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New hands-on basic #SEO tutorial: "How to find and fix duplicate content on your website"

Specific tips for #Joomla and #WordPress included.

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Do you think online writers should know basic CSS and HTML coding?

If you're a writer: do you feel comfortable coding your own content, or do you struggle with it? 

If you're a webdeveloper: have you seen the issues that non-standard coding can cause, or do you think it's not a problem?


Today we're looking for great SEO beginner resources. Do you have any tips?

Share your recommendations in the comments below, or join the conversation on Twitter:@fortheloveofseo

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♥ Birthday special and lots of love! ♥

To celebrate our first 6 months, we're giving our next 6 customers a crazy 60% off on our SEO audit service! 

This means you can get the whole package at for only USD 99! (limited to the first 6 orders only, so hurry up!)

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New blog post:
Content marketing from A to Z: 10 things starting with an A

If learning (and doing) everything you have to do with your website content seems overwhelming, think of it as a giant meal - eat one bite at a time.

In this blog post you’ll get 10 little easy bites of content marketing and SEO, all starting with the letter A. Bon appetit!

Did we miss anything? Do you know something else within Content Marketing that starts with an A? Tell us in the comments of the blog post and we’ll do a little happy dance (and write about your topic if it fits).

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We are so proud of our owner  +Mackenzie Fogelson

Mack was published on the YouMoz Blog, which is +SEOmoz  blog for our community. (They are leaders in our industry.) 

It's a big deal because the post is being well received!
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