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Humility is a very attractive trait. Knowing that we always have more... to discover. 

Anyone who acts as if they have all the answers? Is not a person I want to meet. 

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Take this multi-rotor, add a +Project Tango device, and autonomously map a building. After you have a 3D map make a few more passes with +Fluke Networks Airmagnet AirMapper and build a 3D model of all RF in the building.

Somebody make this happen!!!

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And it begins!!! So little time, so much to do...

The man burns in 287 days!

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Well this is cool. Wish I could go this year.
Come and share you CanvasCamping experiences and dance with us at 4.30 and D 

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New +Bassnectar album!!! #NVSB  

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That's better...
The chromium team just announced the addition of 64-bit support to Chrome, with two brand new 64-bit Dev and Canary channels for Windows 7 and 8 users.

To try it out, you'll have to download the 64-bit installer from or This new version preserves all your settings and bookmarks, don't worry.

Read the full blog post below to understand why you'll see an average 25% improvement in performance, improved security and stability.

And as usual, if you notice something wrong, please file a bug at,Type-?,Pri-2,OS-Windows&summary=Win64:%20Feedback.


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Now this is dope!

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)*( Here's a great photo journal of a trip to #Burningman  

My first photo in Business Insider... Sure I wasn't looking at the camera and didn't even know it was there... but there will be more!!! 

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Here are some of my favorite pictures I took at #BurningMan2013  
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