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The San Antonio Astronomy group was founded in 2011.

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I have no doubt in my lifetime we'll be able to fly +Virgin Galactic London-Sydney in perhaps 2.5 hours

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#halloween2013 is coming!
Halloween Art - Three Women and Three Wolves by Eugene Grasset

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Halloween is just one week away! Who are your favorite witches in art? We can’t get enough of this eerie print by Eugene Grasset. Three pale, unearthly witches glide through the air between orange-red trees with lushly patterned bark. Three wolves stalk with their mistresses along the forest floor, and pause to fix the viewer with glowing yellow eyes and sinister grins. It could be the beginning of a spooky Halloween tale!

Grasset, a Swiss artist, is credited with pioneering Art Nouveau graphic design. Grasset designed not only the posters that made him famous, but also furniture, fabrics, tapestries, ceramics, and jewelry. Like many Art Nouveau artists, he highly admired Japanese and Egyptian art and was fascinated by occult symbols, and many of these motifs appear in his work. 

Hauntingly beautiful wall decor awaits in our Halloween gallery:

Three Women and Three Wolves 
Giclee Print
By Eugene Grasset
Item #: 14500560280A

#art #walldecor #halloween #witch #artnouveau #eugenegrasset #wolves #spooky

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nice interior
Meet the C-X17 concept's innovative interior. Interactive Surface Console is an intuitive selection of screens running through the car that allows information to be 'flicked' forwards and backwards between passengers.

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President Obama met with and recognized two of NASA's very best!
Recognition for a job well done sometimes goes all the way to the top. Yesterday, President Obama met with and recognized two of NASA's very best!  Congrats to the Kepler Mission's Bill Borucki and NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover's David Lavery for this great  achievement!

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Now on NASA TV: With a #Spacewalk on Nov. 9 from the #ISS - hear about the lessons learned from years of spacewalks: 
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