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Happy Tenants = Thrilled Clients
Happy Tenants = Thrilled Clients


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Email us today for a free rental analysis to find out what your property is really worth.
Email Brick House Property Management this week to get yours!

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3 Bed - 2.5 Bath, 1700 sq ft. home in beautiful Bend available NOW.

Great two-story single family home with a fenced backyard. Spacious bedrooms and closets. Very clean and well maintained.

Rental is in a home owners association with access to private pool, spa, tennis courts, rec room, and workout facility.

For more information visit:
Or contact Michelle at or call (541) 480-9099

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6 Tips for Landlords in Community Associations:

1- Provide your tenants with copies of association rules.
2- Educate tenants about the need to follow association rules, and see that they comply.
3- Advise tenants on the proper use of association facilities.
4- Use a written lease agreement (make sure it complies with state law).
5- Make sure your lease requires tenants to comply with all association governing documents.
6- Provide the association with contact information for your tenants.

These tips are intended to help preserve your property value and help make the leasing experience successful and positive by informing everyone of their responsibilities.

To view whole article:

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Do you live in a neighborhood association? If you live in the city of Bend, Oregon then you probably live in 1 of the 13 neighborhood associations that cover every block in the city.

Residents in these neighborhood associations are trying to make their voices heard about their neighborhood concerns. Currently, there's no city committee or formal outlet for these groups to communicate with. However, that may change soon. Last week, residents from neighborhood associations asked City Council if they could form their own committee. They want to form the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance. It would consist of representatives from each of Bend’s neighborhood associations.

Representatives from the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance hope the committee will provide more equal geographic representation for ALL areas of the city. There is a lot of potential for what this group can accomplish through more representation of diverse voices in positions of leadership.

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What's the difference between a board meeting and a special meeting? Or an annual meeting or a town meeting? If you live in an #HOA or #Condo you are probably getting notices left and right about meetings. Here's some clarification:

Annual Meeting- Main meeting of the year when members receive notice of a new budget, electing a new board, and discuss items of common interest; They're an opportunity for all owners to participate.

Special Meeting- Special meetings are limited to a particular topic (e.g. assessment increase). Owners can attend but do not participate unless directly asked to by the board.

Town Meeting- An informal gathering intended to promote 2-way communication between the board and the community it represents. Full member participation is essential for its success.

Board Meeting- Most of the business of the Association is conducted at board meetings. It's an opportunity for board members to set policy, review operations, resolve disputes and talk to residents about the plan for the future.

Executive Session- Executive session is the only time members can't sit in on a meeting. The topics the board can discuss are limited by law to a narrow range of sensitive tops (e.g. delinquent owners' accounts, litigation, and foreclosures)

& We cannot forget one of our favorite kind of meetings,

Parties! A meeting where absolutely no business is to be conducted at all. And not technically a meeting.. but that depends on your definition of meeting.

Brick House Property Management manages homes and planned communities throughout the Portland Metro and Central Oregon. Email today if your HOA or Condo needs better management.
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HOA & Condo Board Members be prepared for your next annual meeting with this useful checklist.

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Shoutout to our HOA & Condo Law Gurus - Community Association Law Group - who were mentioned in the Keizer Times!
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Insurance is important. And vital in times of disasters. Do you know exactly what's covered under your homeowners or renters insurance policy?

If you think hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and floods won’t happen to you or that your standard insurance policy covers against these disasters, you’re among the nearly 50% of U.S. homeowners and renters who lack the insurance coverage to deal with potential losses, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

The NAIC reported in a national survey that:
- 48% of homeowners and renters said they didn't have an inventory of their possessions.
Of those who reported having a checklist,
- 32% had not taken any pictures and 58% had no receipts validating the cost of their possessions.
- AND 44% of respondents acknowledged that they had not stored their inventory in a separate location.

3 Quick Tips:

1- Take inventory of all your valuables and belongings. Make a video or take photos of each room. Make sure to update this list as you get new items.
2- Talk to your insurance agent to make sure you know what is and isn't covered.
3- Appraise your home periodically to reflect home improvements and renovations.

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Did you know less than 40% of renters have renters insurance? Insurance protects landlords and tenants and provides peace of mind. Talk to your property manager about the best ways to protect your investments.

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