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hollie glover

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I'm blogging today about the last weeks of my degree, come by a say hello 

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what makes romance special to you? comment on my blog

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what makes romance special, come along and leave a comment on my blog

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Romance Author Vivian Arend is sharing her exciting hobbies, come along and say hello 

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come along and say hello to author Vivian Arend and find out what she does in her spare time. 

Hi Thanks for the Invite *waves madly

I have my first guest in the tea rooms today please welcome Gemma K Murray.

I have sent out the final questionnaires in my romance reader survey. Thank you to everyone who is helping, I cant thank you all enough for helping with my school work

I just added a new blog post, i'm new to blogging and its more an update than a real post anyway, but you are welcome to come say hello. 


I'm sooo excited tonight, its my first day back at school tomorrow, for my last semester. I had loads of things that needed doing, now i cant remember what any of them were. maybe i should just go to bed and try to relax?
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