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I liked all of the Mass Effect games, but the second one was my favorite. I wrote about why:
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Can we get someone at Kotaku to bring in a psychoanalyst to interpret the way Kotaku threads unravel and why they go that way I would genuinely like to see that
Huh. You know, I never looked at it that way, but it does fit quite well. I, also, would like a Mass Effect-style episodic RPG.
When Overlord came out, I thought how great it would be if they put out a steady schedule of DLC that took an episodic form, sort of like "the continuing adventures of Commander Shepard and crew". As dubious as the practice of DLC may be, I think they could do some interesting stuff, creatively speaking.
Overlord scared the bejeezus out of me
To be fair, the concept of that is why I like the idea of DLC. It gives the creators the ability to expand their existing work, and tie it into the story, in the same way that a lot of community mods do. And, since we're not getting those on consoles anytime soon, something is better than nothing. I think it gets a bad rap because of the people using it to nickle and dime people. It's also a great way for small developers to earn more revenue to continue supporting their game.
+Cara Ellison Yeah, it definitely had some creepy moments. Loved it! It has some interesting, if small, pay-off in ME3 as well.

+Kannon Null Agreed; careless handling of DLC by several publishers have led to us automatically associating it with money-grubbing. In capable hands, it could be such a valuable creative tool.
Robyn M
I like your article and ME2 is my favourite tooooo. +1!
i like the third one just a little more
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