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Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes
Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes

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Dreaming about exams doesn't make for a good night's sleep :(

#finals #stress

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My favorite season...

This is an image from a trip I made to the Cedar Creek Grist Mill last year when the leaves were golden. I didn't get out much to photograph Autumn over the last few years (I was traveling in SE Asia both times), and now that I'm moving to California someone will have to show me where there are good spots to get color in the leaves (please tell me there are places near the SF Bay area with colorful leaves!). :)

And, I wanted to post a vertical to see how pretty it looked in the stream. Kinda digging the new features of the G+ UI :)


Yano I still really want to live in cali for a while but #America as a country, it's people and it's ideologies are seriously depressing and fucked up.

I say this as an American.

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Wonder what this movie is called...

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This is amazing
Imagine being able to see things that are usually invisible. A technique for video developed by M.I.T. scientists may make that possible.

Read more about Eulerian Video Magnification here:

Oh hey Google plus. You're still here?

CESPEDES!!!! #oaklandathletics

That was quite the triple by Pennington. Pity it was at 2 outs. #oaklandathletics

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In a shocking turn of events #sarahpalin  tries desperately to stay relevant in the ever depressing revolving door of complete nutjobs in American #politics  

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My gut feeling on this is that its real. Which is unfortunate because its more evidence of Apple refusing to push boundaries like they did when Jobs was still alive.

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