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Sitewide Sale! Use coupon code SAVE20 on orders of $99.00 or more when you checkout to save 20%! (

That's right!



Including already discounted items!

Founded over thirty years ago in 1980, +Herrington Catalog has become the leading mail-order purveyor of superior-quality items to those who share Lee Herrington's passion for great automobiles, distinctive footwear, serious golf, hassle-free travel, fine photography, executive accessories, high-end audio/video, and physical fitness.

Visit our website to start shopping now!

Note: Some exclusions apply.

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Luminox Special Forces Series Chronograph (

In Switzerland, not far from Gstaad, a small firm has developed a proprietary illumination system using tiny tritium gas lights, with 100 times the brightness of ordinary tritium paint.

When the elite Navy SEAL Special Forces teams required an indestructible watch for night missions (into Pakistan, for example), a watch that was easily visible in pitch darkness, both on land and underwater, Luminox stepped up to the plate.

The Special Forces Series watches use precision Swiss quartz Ronda movements to keep the most accurate time. They also feature luminous tritium tubes on each hour marker, on all three hands, and on the ratcheting timing bezel, so that no matter what the conditions, it is still clearly visible. Best of all, these extremely bright, self-powered gas lights do not require exposure to a light source to charge the luminescence!

These watches come with a double gasket crown to ensure water resistance as far down as 660'. They are lightweight, have a carbon-fiber reinforced case, a mineral glass crystal, a date window, and a waterproof strap.

More Specs:

We love the look of this watch with its black dial, black bezel, black strap, and bright orange hands, hour markers, and ratcheting timing bezel. It is definitely one 'tuff' watch!

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Modern Accuracy Meets Retro Design! (

Inspired by their famous Spaceview watch from the early 1960's, the Bulova Accutron II Collection features the Alpha 2014 — an updated version of one of the very first electronic watches!

With cutting edge accuracy, the Bulova Accutron II combines the smoothness of a mechanical watch with the accuracy of a unique, three prong quartz crystal.

The proprietary quartz torsional resonator movement vibrates at 262,144 Hz, six times more than a standard quartz movement for exceptional precision!

Because of this higher frequency, the movement powers a smoothly sweeping second hand, as opposed to the "tick tick tick" type that most quartz watches are known for.

Slimmer and more rugged than earlier Accutrons, this watch features an off-set crown, a date window, and a beautiful smooth leather band with a buckle clasp closure for understated elegance that's always in style.

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70 Degree Weather in February? No problem with this Four Season Comforter: (

Can you believe the crazy weather we are having? Take a look:

Philadelphia set a record high of 70 degrees on Sunday, surpassing the previous mark of 68, set in 1948. Average temperatures in Philly for the 2nd half of February are in the mid 40's.

Chicago has had the most 70 degree days in February since 1871. Never before in 146 years two 70 degree or warmer days in Chicago in February.

In fact, according to the +Washington Post, a stunning 2,805 record high temperatures have occurred across the nation this month compared with just 27 record lows.

This weather makes it rather hard to know whether or not to turn on the heat or the a/c from day to day... and what about trying to sleep in it?

Fortunately, you can always enjoy a restful night's sleep with our Washable Wool Collection Four Season Comforter. It is filled with superfine Shropshire wool, which is excellent at regulating body temperature. The wool naturally keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer (well, and cool in the winter when it's unseasonably warm!), it won't harbor dust mites, and is mold/mildew and fire resistant.

Our Four Season Comforter is covered in 100% natural cotton percale, organically grown and processed free of pesticides, harmful dyes and carcinogenic chemicals. Naturally hypoallergenic and chemical free, you're sure to get a good night's sleep in total comfort!

So, we say, bring on those crazy warm February nights because we've got you covered!

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The Classique Symphony Collection: Yet another splendid performance in watch making by Stührling. (

If you are searching for a stylish watch at an affordable price, either for yourself or to give as a gift, you can't go wrong with one of the watches in Stührling's Classique Symphony Collection.

Available in 4 different case and dial color combinations, this ultra-slim men's three-hand watch features a Swiss quartz Ronda 763 movement to ensure precision time and a highly scratch and shatter-resistant Krysterna crystal.

A polished, fixed bezel encircles the elegant face and traditional Roman numerals edge the hobnail patterned center as the Breguet Pomme-style hands sweep the clear, uncluttered dial.

This 38mm watch is lightweight in a sleek, 7mm thin case and it secures to your wrist with an alligator embossed top grain leather strap with a stainless steel tang buckle closure.

If you are looking for perfectly understated elegance, this is it... and it is impressively boxed and ready for gift giving.

More Photos:

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Have you heard the news? Monopoly is saying goodbye to the iconic thimble token! (

As part of Hasbro's 'Monopoly Token Madness' campaign, 4 million+ people voted to decide which eight tokens should be part of the next iteration of the game. This isn't the first time that Hasbro has held a contest to create a new edition of the game. In 2013, the company held a "Save Your Token" vote to determine which classic token would be replaced. The iron was ditched and a cat charm took its place.

On March 19th, 2017, aka "World Monopoly Day", Hasbro will unveil the thimble's replacement and confirm the eight tokens that will be included in games beginning in August.

Built to treasure, our Luxury Edition Monopoly game is oversized and housed in a handsome, mahogany burl-finished hardwood cabinet with striking die cast metal details. These handsome family heirlooms are as suited for display as they are for play. The game includes die-cast tokens (including the thimble!), houses, and hotels, recessed faux leather rolling area, gold foil-stamped game path, gold-lettered title deeds, game cards, money and two integrated storage/banker's drawers.

This game is sure to become a treasured family heirloom that will be passed down for generations... and maybe even more so since it does include the thimble.

Luxury Edition Monopoly Game:

#Monopoly #games #gifts #familyfun #familytime #Herrington  

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Precisely made and assembled by hand in Germany with the fastest lens in its class and a full-frame sensor! (

You can rely on the Leica Q in every situation, even adverse lighting conditions, to produce images of magnificent quality!

Since its inception over 100 years ago, Leica has been pushing the limits, while staying focused on the essentials — and it is this ambitious drive that produces sleek, cutting-edge cameras that don't just take pictures, they craft stunning masterpieces!

Always seeking to create the perfect symbiosis of design and superior technology, the Leica Q combines the best features of previous models in a compact, easy-to-use, no-fuss system.

Read the Specs and the Reviews:

#camera #technology #photography #photographer #Herrington  

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Guilt-Free Dessert Anyone? (

If you are one of the probably tens of thousands (millions?) of American's who made a New Year's resolution to either watch their weight or to eat healthier, you are probably really missing the sweet treats by now! Luckily, we have a solution!

The Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker creates delicious, creamy frozen treats with the consistency of soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt!

Using the ripened, peeled, frozen fruits of your choice — bananas, mangos, pineapple, cantaloupe, berries, etc. — and your choice of other flavorful additives in whatever combinations you desire, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind delicious treat that the whole family will love!

The included recipe book offers dozens of recipes (or you can create your own concoctions) and you can enjoy your guilt-free desserts knowing they have a mere fraction of the fat, calories and harmful sugars of the standard frozen treat fare.

See more photos:

#healthy #healthyeating #foodie #dessert #herrington

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When was the last time you played Backgammon? Do you have any fond memories of playing with friends? Lee does! (

"Back in college, I spent many long, rainy days playing marathon board game tournaments with roommates and good friends. At the time, some might have believed we were simply procrastinating, preferring tight camaraderie, endless banter and intense competition among friends rather than finally writing that essay on English Literature or studying for that final in Macroeconomics — ugghh!

"But in my mind, our daylong competitions were far more important and impactful — sure, we were having fun, but we were also developing and mastering the art of logic and strategic thought. (Well, there may have been a few wagers placed along the way, but don't tell anyone!).

"And as a result of this friendly competition, we all learned an invaluable lifelong lesson — it actually does matter if you win or lose! So I am particularly pleased to offer this luxury game set, which brings back all those fond memories."

Our Hardwood Walnut Grain Lacquered Luxury Backgammon Set has a striking lacquered walnut woodgrain inside and out, providing a perfect playing surface, with smooth markers and suede-lined, leather dice cups, so you're always ready for an exhilarating match. A fine addition to your home, and sure to be a welcome gift for family and friends!

If you don't have a backgammon set, you can pick up this extra nice set here:

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