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chess links
​ Online Chess Internet Chess Club Play Chess L iChess C hess 24  G ame Knot Chess Cube ​ Chess Equipment    American Chess Equipment  ​ Wholesale Chess Chess and Bridge  Cajun Chess ​ Chess Tactics    C hess Tempo Chess Kid Chess Puzzles   Ches...

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Links to our websites and Facebook pages
  Connecticut Chess Magazine     92,000 page views Rob Roy Chess Center          Monthly USCF Tournaments Storrs Center Chess Club      Free Monthly USCF Tournaments Norwich Chess Club                    Wednesdays 5pm - 8pm Stafford Springs Chess Club     ...

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My 2 Tuxedo Kitties; Frick and Frack
My 2 Tuxedo Kitties; Frick and Frack. Frick has the black spot on his nose, he is the older brother to his sister Frack from the same litter born Sept 2013.

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All About Batteries
All About Batteries ||
Battery Nomenclature || List of battery sizes || Layman's Guide to Batteries || Series vs Parallel || History of the Battery || How NiCd Batteries are Unique || Proper Care and Feeding of a NiMH Battery || NiMH Rechar...

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Too much of the good life ?!
I left these kitty food bags out in the garage for a couple weeks before I noticed this . I was wondering why ButterScotch was gaining weight. || Ten of the best photos of my kitties || My Cats, Frick and Frack, at one year old || More Kitty Photos || Fri...

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Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes from scratch
CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE - Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes from scratch

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100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do
>100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do Herewith is a modest list of dos and don'ts for servers. Veteran waiters, moonlighting actresses, libertarians and baristas will no doubt protest some or most of what follows. They will claim it homogenizes th...

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Frick and Frack and Butterscotch
Frick and Frack, and Butterscotch pic #7 on Hartford Courant website for readers pictures "Show Off Your Cat"

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All Creatures Veterinary Hospital
All Creatures Veterinary Hospital | Coventry Connecticut | Click here to access web page and Facebook page | Best Animal Hospital in Eastern Connecticut | I highly recommend this Animal Hospital located on main street in Coventry Connecticut. I've bee...

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Frick and Frack, and ButterScotch
Frick (upper right) and Frack (lower left) | Photos of our new kittens, and ButterScotch | Click here to view the photos and videos
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