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ED Klyne
Happily married Christian Internet Marketer
Happily married Christian Internet Marketer

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I just found a great shortcode plugin. This will take care of just about any shortcode you may ever use on your wp blog/site.
Click "Featured deal" enjoy!

Hi Vytautas Baranauskas - The circular portals in the house in your avatar reminds so much of how my life was going before Internet Marketing.
The 2 represent the zeros in front of the 1 for the percentage of income I required. Now, they represent the zeros after the 1 to make it 100% of where I want to stay.

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Lest we forget...

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Hey! If you do offline marketing at all then you need to register with Yagooft. It is a new site that will put Groupon in the dark ages.

Day 13 of my vacation on the farm in Saskatchewan and visiting my son on Louise av in Saskatoon.
I think I am a couple of blocks from Jon Olson's place right now.

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Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner goes undercover in San Antonio to find the most deserving individuals for a life changing financial surprise in an upcoming episode airing July 15 on ABC's Secret Millionaire (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET). Great show - the one-hour alternative series follows some of America's most successful, self-made business people on a once-in-a-lifetime journey -- as they spend a week in the country's poorest areas and ultimately gift unsung community heroes with hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money.
So excited to hear that they have opened Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner's new amazing website where he teaches us HOW to do what he did & make millions, Go here & get signed up TODAY. Once his episode airs this coming weekend, there will be thousands of people trying to get in on this.

I have been a webhosting reseller for the local offline market for almost a year now.
I have not advertised as a webhosting company on the internet as I don't have a proper storefront for my cpanel accounts.
UNTIL NOW!! I have found a storefront and it doesn't use the expensive cPanel but a php installer that is so much more simple.
And most of my off line clients don't even use the cPanel anyyway. I put up the site for them and I give them the password for access.
Check it out it may be for YOU!!
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