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Neeraj Gupta

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The art of magical woods sculptured to life by artists adds flavour to existence
It is the idea, skill and magic which an artist puts in to create the
woods into sculptures. Indian crafts define certain pioneering works in the
wooden sculptures and Neeraj Gupta , the famous and renowned artist
fabricate creates fabulous forms of incredi...

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Wooden sculpture artist- a very few delicate hands to come up with the world renowned master pieces in the wooden art form
Amongst the most appreciated forms of sculptures are the wooden sculptures . Since years together art lovers tend to value this art form, mainly because of the beauty that is incorporated in its making.  Some of the best examples of early European wooden ca...

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Step by step creation of timber carving, by a wooden sculpture artist to produce an exquisite finished figurine
Wooden sculpture rivets wood carving by means of a
cutting tool, ideally a knife or a chisel. The making of these sculptures is
exceedingly practiced, however, very few wooden sculpture artists endow with
finished products to the best of its perfection. Eve...

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Why wooden sculpture art is famous in Assam??
the people of Assam have been craftsmen and those who are engaged in wood
carving and have passed the skills from generation to generation are known as
khanikars. Assam is a thickly forested area which has a wide range of wood and
timber avail...

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Wooden sculpture Artist in India
Graceful wooden sculptures by artists in India add that extra rich look to your interiors- be it your home or office as it is
this unique quality of wood to blend well with all kinds of materials.

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