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Jeanine Spano
Catholic Stay-at-home wife and mom loving her vocation!
Catholic Stay-at-home wife and mom loving her vocation!

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#40LentPrompts - Week 5
I have some new things I've been wanting to post about, relating to my weight loss and most especially about the boys' progress - Dominic in school and Christopher's therapies. Hopefully I'll do a 7 quick takes link up tomorrow! 23. How did the first part o...

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#40LentPrompts - Week 4
No, you didn't misread that, I missed last week. It was such a crazy week that I didn't manage to do any blogging. Then all this week, I kept thinking of doing it and posting it late, but it just didn't happen. 20. Did you attend Stations of the Cross this ...

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#40LentPrompts - Week 2
I'm a little more on top of things this week since here I am doing my second Lenten link up this week! 6. What are your favorite Lent or Easter Books? I'm going to cheat a little, this is actually a booklet. We love the Magnificat Lenten and Advent companio...

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#40LentPrompts- Link-Up Week 1
As I mentioned in my last post, I'm going to be linking up with Beth Anne again during Lent. She gives some great prompts that really make me want to write! Just what I need! I'm going to do a couple this week, I might not do one for every day of the weeks,...

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I Love Food...and Other Weight Related Problems
Wow, I haven't even posted since Advent! Good thing Beth Anne is doing another link-up, this one for Lent, so I can be a bit accountable for blog posts. So, my weight. Man have I been struggling since the last time I posted, so much so in fact that I'm not ...

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Advent Post #4
Oh wow! It's not only the last week of Advent, but it's only TWO days from Christmas! How exciting! I'm linking up with Beth Anne again this week, and so excited, I think she's going to do a Lent link-up too. Lots of fun, with great ideas on what to write a...

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Advent Post #3
Here I am, linking up again with Beth Anne. It's been my best way to make sure I actually do a blog posts, I should link up every day with someone different! I am going to share about some of the cool Christmas experiences we are doing this year. Christophe...

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Advent Week #2
I'm linking up with Beth Anne again this week to talk about Advent. I love these writing prompts because then I don't have to think of anything myself. ;-) I'm going to talk about our St. Nicholas traditions, or more accurately, what I hope to make our trad...

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First Week of Advent Link Up
I'm linking up with Beth Anne this week, and hopefully will be able to remember to link up each week. She gives some writing prompts at the beginning of the week, and then you can link up later in the week. If you're struggling to get back into blogging (li...

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School Daze
A Monetessori type activity. Dominic did very well with this, but got bored quickly Ah homeschooling has been a difficult task for us this year. We started the year with online public school, but found it to be a very difficult task for us. It was very rigi...
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