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Laramie Leavitt
Defining random internet searches.
Defining random internet searches.

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Use my other G+ page, please:

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Just had the best online support experience with, where the rep price matched a competitor for me. Awesome.

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"Facebook and Mozilla might come across as unlikely bedfellows, but at the end of the day they both really, really want to live in a world where the web is truly free from monolithic, monopolistic corporate interests."


Wherein I propose a dumb tax plan, just like all the presidential candidates:

1. I propose that we set the corporate income tax rate at 15%. No tax breaks should be granted to corporations.
2. I propose that we tax estates at a rate of 10%.
3. I propose that we tax realized capital gains as normal income, either corporate or personal.
4. I propose that we tax dividend and interest income as normal income, either corporate or personal.
5. I propose that we set the personal income tax rate as a simple graduated scale:
5a. a 15% rate for the first $250,000 of income.
5c. a 20% rate for income over the first $250,000.

I estimate that under this tax plan, Romney would pay slightly more than 15% in taxes. I estimate that under this tax plan, most Americans would pay a lower percentage than Romney in taxes.

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Nice overview.

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Taxation, simplified:

1. The government provides these services, Z, which cost $Y, and therefore the tax rate should be X%.
2. The government should have a tax rate of X%, which generates $Y, and can therefore provide these services, Z.

If you think about taxes from the viewpoint of option (2), what should X be? In other words, if you could pick a percentage of your total income to pay in taxes, what would that percentage be, and why?

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This story reminds me of a passage in Vernor Vinge's A Deepness in the Sky, where a character learns software archaeology on the spaceship that carries him on an interstellar voyage.

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More than hald of all family bankruptcies are due to medical problems, and 75% of those people have health insurance.
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