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Anuj Arora
A True sagi - in search of bigger life questions
A True sagi - in search of bigger life questions


What we ignore in commercial world is human touch. We need to meet targets but if employee is met with harsh treatment there would be results which would be disappointing.

Innovation is a crucial factor in business success. Create new - which appeal  to masses, should be useful and within budget. Secondly a business  man should treat their employees as long term business associates and not merely as workers.

Education is exploration of Knowledge. Learning new things happening around us is also important - like free energy sources, environmental issues, world economy etc. It will make individual a productive unit of this world.

°.★*Happy New Year - 2013 *★ *˛.
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Understanding of small things is most important in life. Always ask yourself 'Why" before registering any fact in your mind. Small things add up to make a complete picture.
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I offer freer career counseling from this work space for the benefit of the students.
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If a see a drop of hope in this world is some people still work to generate awareness. It will give birth to a movement which will change our thoughts. Those thoughts will germinate good feeling in our hearts towards everyone.
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What we need today is whole world becomes one nation. Retain differences of languages, religion and culture but accept humanity. World as a single nation will reduce (1) Arms Race (2) Corruption (3) Hostility between nations. 

It will promote (1) Peace (2) Freedom of expression (3) Respect for Human beings.
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If I  think what is my favorite subject? It is till date Organic Chemistry. I can teach basics to anyone and make him understand in just 4 hours. I don't know is it a special ability or god gift.

Other thing I like is career counseling and web publishing
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