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The Dragon Knights [TDK]
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We Welcome our New Member Dvdwen Dvdwen!
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We are an alliance that is mostly trying to get a nice empire going in the WM and having a group of friends through the whole thing. We are also trying to turn noobs into pros.
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Rules1. Don’t attack other members or members of allied alliances unless you are testing their bases. Truces not recommended. Breaking this rule is punishable by having your hands chopped off being demoted.
2. Don’t take over kozu or dreads, if you do, you will be killed via burning on a stake be kicked and farmed.
3. Don’t crowd members in WM. Doing so will result in no punishment, but both members are crowded, and crowding is annoying.
4. Don’t make too many enemies, eventually breaking this will come back to bite you.
5. Try to friend everyone in this alliance.
Teutoburg Forrest
Shadow Dragons
The Spartans of the LightEnemies:STEEL WOLVES
Purple Powah >:3
THE alliance
Filnx (single player)
I also expect members to notify me when they get WM or level up.
Backup planIf I go inactive for more than a week, then lars should create a replacement thread, containing everything.Election system.
If I am unsure about something, then everybody in the alliance gets to vote on whether or not to implement it. The voting system is weighted.Quests
Multiple times
Stonewall Challenge: Have your base take 50% or more damage without any silos or the TH being looted. (5 points)
Hint: 36 hour dp is a sign of 50% damage.
Slayer challenge: Destroy a level 40+ without use of catapult. (15 points)
Hint: Zafs are a necessity for this.
Hunter: Flatten 3 basses of any enemy alliance (5 points)
Hint: Jumps are useful.
Assassin: Completely flatten leader of enemy alliance (10 points)
Hint: This requires luck and skill.
Base destroyer: Destroy a level 40+ base in one wave (5 points)
Hint: This counts cata waves.
Steelwall: Survive an attack using 50m+ res total. (15 points)
Hint: If your TH or any of your silos remain, this counts as surviving.
Single time
Builder/Destroyer: Obtain 1b empire points. (50 points)
Rocketman: Max DAVEs and their rockets. (25 points)
Acidic: Max Project X and it’s acid spores. (20 points)
Flame war: Max Teratorns and ricochet. (20 points)
Earthquake: Max Wormzers and their splash. (20 points)
To the MAX: Max all buildings. (45 points)
Defender: Max all defensive towers. (35 points)
The biggest yard EVER!: Get 5 yard expansions. (10 points)
The almighty champion: Get a level 6 champion. (15 points)

Must have decent base for TH level Must fill out application form below
And that’s it. Not hard, especially if you are willing to accept that maybe your base isn’t the best one out there, and a few modifications are all it takes.
How to join
Fill out this:
Level (For reference): __
Champ, level (Also for reference): __
Pic of base (optional, but helps me): __
Jumper, Empire builder, or on Map room 1? (Also for reference): __
I am trying out an experimental ranking system based on merit, where everybody has a vote and powers. More votes means more powers.
Members: (leader)
Dragonlx BYM
mo mo (lordebubble)

Colony 1:
Status: Open.

Waiting List
For those of us who don’t have a good enough base, but still want in. Must post at least once a week.
TheLightningBolt BYM's profile photo
Level (For reference): 22
Champ, level (Also for reference): Don't have yet, soon though just need the res.
Pic of base (optional, but helps me): __
Jumper, Empire builder, or on Map room 1? (Also for reference): MR1
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Have them in circles
6 people
Have them in circles
6 people
We are A Backyard Monsters Alliance that originated From Kongregate