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A wonderful observation about people.
Mat “Langley” Luschek originally shared:
Originally I wasn't going to write a post about Steve Jobs. What could I say that hasn't already been said a million times? We all know what the man did in his short 56 years on Planet Earth. There's no need to get into all that again.

We all knew he was sick. We knew when he stepped down from Apple that things must be pretty serious. We knew the inevitable was coming.

When we got the notice yesterday that he had passed, it wasn't a big shock - at least not to me. I felt pretty prepared for it. I'll admit, I'm an Apple fanboy. I own several Apple products, and I love them. But I wasn't going to be one of those "Cobain kids" wearing the shirt and crying all day because my hero had passed. Sure, it's sad that a human being died, but let's face it, I didn't know the guy personally.

However, today while shooting photos of people leaving notes and flowers and pictures outside the Apple store in downtown San Francisco, I felt myself becoming emotional. I thought, "Why?" I realized there are a few reasons. One, I'm sad for purely selfish reasons. Selfish because I'm worried that there might not be any more cool, fun, innovations anymore. Steve brought us so many things that no one else could, and now who will fill those incredible shoes?

The second bigger, and more important reason I felt myself tearing up, was not so much about Steve himself, but the fact that for a few moments, everyone stopped being shitty and said something nice. Be it on Twitter, or Google, or Facebook, or in this case, on little colored Post-it notes, which were stuck with care on the glass of the Apple store window. People became united in kindness over the loss of another human being, something we don't see too much these days.

Then I wondered why so many people are doing this. Of course I thought back to the selfish reason, but I also thought maybe, just maybe, beneath all the bullshit we deal with every day that makes us hard and cynical and crappy, maybe without even knowing it, deep down, people are looking for an excuse to be kind. Steve had the ability to reach so many people, and his passing gave us all that very excuse we are subconsciously looking for.

Time will pass, and in a few days we'll all get back to yelling impatiently at bad drivers, or making snarky comments at someone who misplaced a comma on an internet pos. But for a a little while, Steve Jobs did one more thing that very few people could do - gave the world an excuse to be nice.

And now, here I am, wearing an Apple shirt and crying. But not so much out of sadness because I fear the potential loss of cool future gadgets, but out of hope that perhaps the human race isn't so bad after all.

So long Steve. Thanks for all the stuff.
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A pretty cool idea for turning retired shipping containers into housing. This housing isn't just expedient housing, this is very nice housing. The result is beautiful and low environmental impact. I am constantly impressed with how creative people are.
Debe haber llevado su laburo pero quedo bien
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I have been toying with one to bury, but there's a lot of reinforcement needed. We'd then build a stick structure on top with a pole barn shell around it for passive heating/cooling.
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Trees from a park nearby with one of our amazing skies.
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No, it was taken in Admiral Arleigh Burke Park in the Meadows neighborhood, SE Boulder.
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So is the "re-share" equivalent to "re-tweet"?
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yes indeed!
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Just in case you need something like this today, here is a power web application that can help.
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Love this!
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Another step closer to a quantum computer. This is an exciting result.
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A wall with a lot of character in Boulder, CO.
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