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She was taken out of context
She was taken out of context

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Alert the MLA: Trump drops accuracy from English language requirement
I've been teaching language and communication for over 40 years.  I started as a teacher of deaf children and went on to teach at community colleges, an Ivy League school, a prestigious Medical School and now at one of the world's best city universities.  A...

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April Showers, Tiny Tim and Learning New Words
April showers bring May flowers. Allergy relief medication Ads spring up everywhere. Relief is in our grasp – it’s as easy as
a song. In fact this particular Ad harkens back to a lovely little ditty straight out of the American songbook. But this is the Hea...

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Reading Henrietta Lack as Pornography?
This commentary was originally posted 9/15/15.  I am reposting it because of the airing of the HBO Movie, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  starring Oprah Winfrey, on April 23, 2017.   ------- H ow does an award winning book that reads like a detective ...

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Menopausal Rats: not in my backyard
     Y ou’ve heard the joke.   What’s going to survive a nuclear holocaust?       Answer :   Rats and Twinkies. Twinkies aside, there’s no
arguing through all recorded history rats have been wherever humans have been.
Bringing with them public revulsion, di...

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Is "healthy" overused with kids?
I received an email recently Helen Seagle, Clinical Nutrition Manager, Children’s Hospital Colorado in which she raises a question that’s really got me thinking. Helen questions  how we all liberally use the term “healthy” in kids material.    Healthy food,...

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MD Anderson Sells Clinical Trials as Lifesaving Options
MD Anderson Sells
Clinical Trials as Lifesaving Options In a past series of blog posts on this site we’ve focused in
on MD Anderson’s aggressive framing of   both cancer and clinical trials. Their
take-no-prisoners, in-your-face declaration that cancer is o...

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Star Trek: The Next Generation; Language, Culture and Metaphor
Today's Blog Written by  Ryan Schaars,  Hunter College Darmok Season 5,
Episode 2 The second episode of the fifth
season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Darmok, provides and interesting example of communication and metaphor. I s...

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"Such a Nasty Women" - I'm With Her!
At the third and final debate in Las Vegas
tonight, Trump proved his incompetence in front of the nation. Aside from
proving that he has no clear ideas on policy or how to run this country, he
also demonstrated (unfortunately, not for the final time) that h...

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Trumptactic Structures: A Linguistic Analysis of the Clinton/Trump Town Hall Debate
This blogpost written by:  Jon Schwoerer,   Hunter College, CUNY Some notes on the debate ( Town Hall Oct 9 2016) - Trump's extreme misogyny is really on show here. Whenever Clinton spoke, Trump stood right behind her and/or paced back and forth. However, w...

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The Language of the Deal: Trump Speak
If you have any wonderful examples of Trumpisms please send them along  Particularly interested to see if anybody has any example of him being humble or self effacing.
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