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Good evening lovelies Wow feels like a month since I posted, missed you. Sorry I didn’t post last week started working and the job is so demanding
but if you love something you definitely find time for it. On today’s post we wore this to my uncle’s wedding ...

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Good afternoon, My inspiration for this post is my hair. So I
undid my braids and was thinking of a new look, then natural came to mind. Have
had my hair relaxed for more than 17 years, so natural hair is quite new but
wanted to try it anyway. Its been a ro...

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Yellow talk.
Good afternoon
, Its almost a month since yellow talk started and loving the responses, thank
you for the love XOXO.     My challenge:
last yellow talk was to save. I saved above a thousand which was real challenging cause am one of those ladies who sees so...

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Good afternoon Reader, The crazy weather has made me bring out my beanie. Hello July, now Kenyans can tell July has just started. it practically hailed yesterday sigh.

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Sweater for the weather!
Good evening, The weather!!! If you experienced the weather on Sunday in Nairobi, then you understand what am talking about. so after a weeks taste of summer the  weather has just gotten serious  On Sunday the weather reminded us ITS JULY,NAIROBI!  Monday i...

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Leather Weather
If the weather gets strong so does my leather! Good afternoon! I read somewhere " you should never trust the sun in July" So true! Stay gold

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Yellow talk
G ood afternoon , A new month calls for new challenges. So this month have decided to start writing a bit about my experiences, challenges and lessons learnt. Awk you might ask why yellow talk, reason being I love yellow.  Yellow is a bright, warm, happy an...

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African Dirac.
G ood Evening, And we are back with a dirac matchie matchie look. Now that summer is back (yeey!) dirac is the best outfit for season.  Highlight of the week she finally took her first two steps. Whoop whoop cant wait to go for shoe shopping. when we finish...

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Mustard Grove.
G ood afternoon, My favorite color at my favorite location, must say its my favorite post. Its been the longest week ever,been waiting for Tuesday.Thank God its here!

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Winter Flower
G ood morning,  its been a minute since did two posts in a week. Jealous much found this amazing poncho,  s ob! couldn't find my size. she is rocking it.
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