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Aoi Koyamakan
A small traditional school of traditional Japanese arts, ways and culture
A small traditional school of traditional Japanese arts, ways and culture

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Kurushi 苦しい ([Lame] Excuses)
Kurushi 苦しい ([Lame] Excuses) There are many words and expressions for 'practice' in common usage. Renshu 練習 is a term derived from metallurgy, meaning to forge (strengthening, adding whatever characteristics are meant to be imparted while removing impuritie...

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Benpo 便法 (Shortcuts)
Benpo 便法 (Shortcuts) One very deliberate feature of the dojo website is that the links are fairly ecumenical. Since the intent of the site is to be informational, we've included a number of arts (many, that bear no connection with ours but that may prove of...

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Kuden 口伝 Kuden (verbal instructions) are important and universal enough to span centuries and cultures; every art, profession, and avocation has them. Unfortunately, though, these gems of simplicity tend to be ignored and forgotten once they've done their j...

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Kata (Forms)
(Form) 形 Without changing the outward form, we must never do the same kata twice- this is a waste. Note:
Following the Japanese standard, 's' will not be used to indicate
plurals. Can
you image the infomercial? “Check out this amazing tool that can

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Futsutsuka (Inexperienced or incompetent)
Futsutsuka  (Rude, inexperienced or incompetent) The Ballad of Doug Peters Luke:  Is the Doug side stronger? Yoda:  No.  Quicker, easier, more seductive it is. A (perhaps mis)quote from Star Wars Episode V:  The Empire Strikes Back It needs to be said that ...

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The most recent blog post is up.

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Gishi (False History)
  Ayamachitewa aratamuruni habakaru koto nakare. If you make a mistake, don't hesitate to correct it. Japanese proverb   Gishi   (Falsified History)     Lies,
Damned Lies and Falsified History It is
unfortunate that no literary wit in Japan took on the myth...

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Hayatochiri (Coming to a [False] Conclusion) The human brain is a remarkable instrument, capable of astounding feats of calculation, memory, reason and piercing insight.  It is, however, when combined with our limited sensory abilities (compared with most o...

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