Two figures approach in the dark. Gunshots ring out.

Somewhere in the distance, a panicked witness was calling the local police. Later, her story would be suppressed, and the incident would be swept under the rug as a hoax. 

The story ends here, with this final page from the second Tycho comic. Or does it.

We all know what came after: Roland Jarvis appeared reborn at the Cupid's Span in San Francisco; +Devra Bogdanovich roamed Europe attempting to find her footing, ending up finally with Ilya Pevtsov and +Visur Technology.

For our discussion today, I want to propose something that may in fact belong in the tin foil hat category, but it's worth thinking through. When ADA enabled, perhaps even encouraged, Jarvis and Devra's escape from the Niantic Facility, just how wide was her planning window? Had she anticipated the rebirth of Jarvis as an XM entity? Had she predicted that Devra's most likely partner in Europe was Visur? Or was she simply spinning dice, injecting chaos into the system as some kind of a test? Even when we recently discovered the +Klue S. Glyph-sequence video, the default interpretation was one of an almost Machiavellian level of planning on ADA's behalf, but what if it's something entirely different? What value might the purely chaotic flow of events have to a sentient algorithm?

I will continue to reward a passcode to those who enhance our discussion with relevant information and meaningful comments.

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