The Sensitives have always found each other, they say...

After abruptly ending what was either a carefully planned or honestly careless public exchange about the fragments of XM Entity, Roland Jarvis, the three scientists with the longest tenure at the original Niantic Project facility continued their conversation offline. An NIA surveillance feed brings us the rest.

While the original portion of the conversation was dense and at times seemed 'out there,' it appears these three were only getting started. The latter half of the conversation dives even deeper into the world of theological, scientific, historic and speculative conspiracy.

I welcome your interpretations, criticisms and insights as your wade through this extraordinarily complex set of hypotheses. What's clear to me, though, from the conversation, is that Dr. +Stein Lightman, and possibly his peers as well, believe that #13MAGNUS may not be a traditional 'cult' or 'secret society,' but rather a fragment of the Human Experience that has found itself and bound together across time, united by the XM and its mind-enhancing power. Further, the scientists seem quite sure that we have yet to fully comprehend the role of +enoch dalby in all this.

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