This is one of the two remaining images left in +H. Richard Loeb's collection of Tycho comic pages that he intended to share with you.

Looking at it,  I'm struck by something that I'm surprised has not been discussed before: Artistic license, Tycho's process and the mechanism by which he is able to see into the present from different moments in time.

It seems to me unlikely that the image below represents a completely factual account of Roland Jarvis and Devra Bogdanovich's Niantic escape. Far more likely, Tycho's process opened for him a window into this moment in time fueled and colored by their emotions as they fled and were chased from the Niantic Facility by NIA guards. 

What is your opinion on this matter? Are sensitive artists like Tycho and +Felicia Hajra-Lee able to pull the data about their visions cleanly, or is there a layer of emotional and artistic distortion in the middle? If there is, what is your opinion of what actually happened? Does the effect of Exotic Matter have an emotional component, or is its impact purely intellectual?

I just sent out my first batch of passcodes to those who contributed to the document I shared on Wedenesday, and will continue to share a passcode with those who bring good ideas and thoughts to our discussions.

Until tomorrow.

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