Last week, +Verum Inveniri and Agents from across the world worked together to disseminate and assemble a new scene from the Andy Nominus screenplay.

It covers in sharp and vibrant detail the last moments of a +Hank Johnson we've seen before, lying dead in a cave in Afghanistan, and helps us better understand the moments that led to now.

With the staggering revelations uncovered in Austin yesterday, what's clear is that Hank Johnson represents something we've never encountered before. 

We have enough evidence before to begin to prepare hypotheses. Who or what is Hank Johnson? How is 13MAGNUS involved? Are there two Hanks or is this some kind of illusion aided by the power of Exotic Matter? And here, then, is the most important question: Having learned all that we've learned... do you trust Hank Johnson?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation with meaningful insights, speculation and references.

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