Perhaps, it was what he wanted all along...

One of the things that I had never considered was that the Bangkok incident and the sharding of the Jarvis XM entity may have been something that Jarvis was conspiring for all along.

It's possible based on the reading of this document, a conversation between +Visur Technology CEO, Ilya Pevtsov and +Devra Bogdanovich, that +Hulong Transglobal and Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe were mere pawns in a much, much bigger game.

In addition to the question of Jarvis's intentions, there's something hidden between the lines of this document that's worth considering. The end of the conversation: Did Devra just hang up on her boss? After the leak of the New York videos, it became clear that Devra was compromising many of her values for the company... Is the honeymoon period between the researcher and European XM Tech giant over?

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