When +Hulong Transglobal plays with fire, who will get burned?

We predicted that +IQTech Research's release of the Regional Tracking Technology would deliver a swift blow to the competing corporations, as Ezekiel Calvin intended, but I am surprised nonetheless by their response. It's a testament to Catherine Fan's foresight that she's not bothering to waste Hulong resource playing catchup with what is now current-gen tech. With an eye to the future, Hulong plans their leapfrog.

But the question is: At what cost? Hulong invested heavily in acquiring large stockpiles of Chaotic Matter (or as some call it, Dark XM) from the Congo and other known locations. That investment was decimated in one fell swoop by none other than Dr. Lynton-Wolfe in an attempt to destroy Jarvis. The wealth of this volatile and dangerous material is sure to attract those who seek great power. And even if they manage to protect it, do we want to see what will come of their research? Are some things better left... undisturbed?

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