As Reckoning Day approaches, the Jarvis Shards are growing unstable.

Earlier today, 7 more Jarvis Shards were discovered in the Portal Network, and already agents from both factions are fighting to control their destiny.

This conversation from within +IQTech Research reveals that, as December 14th (what some are calling Reckoning Day) approaches, the Shards are evolving in nature: They are growing unstable, and may jump or teleport to nearby portals of their own accord. 

The conversation also reveals the increasing tension between Hank Johnson and Calvin, a relationship that has existed for decades, but, since Epiphany Night, has changed in nature significantly.

I'm interested about hearing your thoughts on all the topics raised by this leak. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe's 'embedded acolyte network...' a myth or might this really exist? It's true that the man has been a divisive figure for both Factions. The status quo between the Corporations. Did bringing Lynton-Wolfe under their wing really give +Hulong Transglobal a jump on the competition, or do they remain in deadlock? And the increasing volatility of the Jarvis Shards. How will that impact the struggle to move these valuable and feared artifacts across the globe?

A passcode to those who enrich our conversation today.



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